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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Current School Area

We started semi-officially homeschooling in June and spent most of school time on our deck.  However, after a couple of months of "deck school," I realized that I was going to have to organize an inside space for us...since I knew that our real school room was imminent, I'd let the den/school room/playroom/art area/nature area/science center become much too cluttered and unorganized.  After a weekend of organizing and clearing out (I got rid of more than 70 couldn't even tell that any were missing after I was done!), we had a fairly organized school space in our den.   Here are a few pics...

This is the Montessori shelf that Elliott and I built for O(6) years ago.  I love this shelf and would like to have about 6 more just like it :)

Both girls love our smartglobe!.  E(3) really loves the continent puzzle lately, and O(6) chooses the wedgits to start her day most days.

We have enjoyed this space for the last couple of months, and our homeschooling time has gone much smoother since we've had this area set-up.  However, we need much more space to really be organized, and I can't wait to have our den just be a den and playroom again instead of a den, playroom, school room, nature room, art room, etc.


  1. I love that you shared your learning space. Since moving to a much smaller home, I am struggling with this piece. We're doing well though. I just wish I could be organized overnight! I am reading Simplicity Parenting which is helping me simplify our home in general but especially my boys' space. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I need to organize their afterschool space right now their books are in a barny Suitcase because the bookself that comes in this space is not child friendly. The suitcase was the best solution, a Mobil classroom.
    I am de-clutering the spaces.