Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I've been admiring the beautiful playsilks that I've seen in toy catalogs and online toy stores for a while, but I wasn't willing to pay 10 to 15 dollars for one, and I really liked the idea of making my own. I was excited when I found 100% silk scarves that are perfect for playsilks at Dharma Trading Company. I bought lots and lots of several different sized scarves, and my mom and I dyed them with kool-aid. We had lots of fun dyeing them, and they've turned out great so far. We have several more colors that we are going to try next week.


  1. Hi, Melissa! I've just found your blog, and I have to tell you how inspired I am.

    (It helps that I just spent a half hour studying the Magic Cabin spring issue!)

    Look forward to studying your projects for my little one.

  2. I just stumbled across your blog today and am thrilled to have found it. I've wanted to get my kids playsilks for years, but they were always ridiculously expensive. Thanks for the fabulous idea.

    Did you get the chiffon scarves? Do you mind sharing what size you got. I can't wait to try this out myself.

  3. I LOVE YOUR SITE! I just found you today and have backtracked through so much of it. I too would like to know which type of silk you bought, my daughter would love these and I can't afford the "real" ones! You are so creative!!!