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Saturday, December 15, 2007


We did it! We really did it! My mom and I finished O's I Spy quilt in time for Christmas. We still can't believe that its finished. I have to admit that my mom did the vast majority of the work towards the end. I did most of the cutting and ironing, and she did most of the sewing. We decided that I'm in the management position and she does the menial labor :) For the back of the quilt we used the curtains from mine and Melanie's room from when we were very little (they were made out of Holly Hobby sheets), and a Strawberry Shortcake sheet that I used when I was little. We are both in love with this quilt, and I'm sure O is going to love it, too. I can't wait to spend hours and hours labeling animals, objects, letters, colors, shapes, etc and eventually playing endless games of "I Spy." I'm already planning a matching quilt for the baby doll cradle that I'm trying to talk Ell into building for O's 2nd birthday.

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