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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Memory Game

Family Memory Game, originally uploaded by omamom16.

I made this memory game for O for Christmas, and I know that she is going to LOVE it! To make the game I cut a piece of balsa wood (from Hobby Lobby) into 10 equally sized pieces, sanded the edges, and decopaged the wallet sized pictures to the boards. The hardest part about making this game was choosing the pictures. I planned on choosing 5 pictures from each year, but I've got 5 pictures here from O's 1st 4 months! I ran out of boards long before I ran out of pictures. I hope to buy more boards soon, so I can finish this game and mark it off my list!

Sorry for another off center picture! It looks perfect in draft form. I don't think that blogging through flickr is going to work out :(


  1. Your picture is centered in my feed reader, but not on your website. I think you just need to make your pics a little narrower.

  2. Ditto Shannon. I see the picture perfectly on Bloglines. When I just opened your site the right side is cute off. It looks like your blog width is what is doing it.

    Great blog. Love reading it. You have wonderful ideas! Thank you!

  3. You need to add a photo of you with O in her game!

  4. What a great idea. I have been reading along here for a week or two now and am so inspired. My little one will be starting home preschool this January and it has a lot to do with your inspiration.

    You have to keep using photos. They make your blog so wonderful. I am not sure how you are doing things now but I had an idea. You can post the photo on Flickr, then blog as you used to but post your image by using the URL that you can copy by right clicking on your image in Flickr instead of uploading the image to blogger. If this is confusing I would be happy to elaborate in an email or something. So sorry if I sound like a sassy pants know it all. I really don't.

  5. I was already going to do this for C-mas- but with cousins and make a copy for each family. Yours looks very cute!

  6. you beat me on posting my game! good job!!! i bet she will love it!

  7. I was thinking of making a set of these too but using chipboard instead of balsa wood. I think I saw a similar idea in a scrapbook idea book by rebecca cooper.

    love your blog!