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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

The addiction continues... I bought 18 children's books this Thursday and 15 last week. I can't seem to stop myself. I'm VERY choosy, but there are just so many that I can't resist. Another problem that I have is that I intentionally buy books that aren't in the greatest shape, so that I can cut them up for various projects without feeling too badly about it. The problem is that I STILL can't bring myself to cut them! I bought 2 books that I wouldn't normally have bought since they weren't in near perfect condition, and we've already enjoyed reading them several times. I don't think they'll be making it to the cutting pile :(


  1. I understand your aversion to cutting up a book. There is something sacred to them. Ok, not literaly but you know what I mean, right? :~) Violet gets books every year for her birthday and for the holidays. She has quite a collection and we've managed to keep them in good condition. I hope to be able to hang on to them so that she can pass them on to her own children someday. I love the thought of her reading to her children from the same books that I read to her.

  2. I love books...I love to buy them, hoard them, read them to myself and others (oh how I love reading aloud) and I even love cutting them up and altering them or upcycling them! I have a recycled book journal giveaway right now on my blog (so sorry for the shameless plug) and I welcome you to join in. I didn't make these, but they are just lovely!

  3. I have bought used Bibles/Scriptures with the idea of cutting them into smaller sections to carry in my purse. Thus I can have them to read when I am stuck in traffic, waiting for appointments, etc. I'm so like you, in that I can't seem to bring myself to actually cut them.

    Isn't it interesting how children love to see where "the line" is drawn and whether we'll hold them to it.

    Warm Regards!

  4. Oh, I know about getting sucked into buying children's books! It's so fun.... I hope you enjoy everything you purchased!