Chasing Cheerios

Friday, September 12, 2008

Our 2nd Day of Montessori School

We had a quick school session on Tuesday morning because we had an unexpected appointment. O was VERY excited about school, and she was proud that she turned the school shelf around "all by self!" She did the following work: transferring water with a dropper, pouring lentils, red rods, and marbles and frog. She didn't like it when I corrected how she was holding the lentil pitchers, and then she started throwing marbles. This is VERY uncharacteristic behavior, so I think she's still adjusting to "school." After she threw the marbles, I made her pick them up, finish the work, and put the work back on the shelf. Then school was over. She was upset and cried when I told her that school was over. I am definitely putting the frog and marbles work away for a while since they seem to inspire naughty behavior :)


  1. wow wow wow !!! i am ammazed how you r managing the school at home i mean to me its very difficult to cultivate this idea that " this is school" and now this is home all at the same time especially when u did all these activities at "home" already.... i hope u r getting my point!
    i am sure its not as easy as pretend school or is it?
    though i am not planning to home school my lil one still i follow u like a paparazi :) coz i believe that learing does'nt end and start at shcool!!! right (i think this is what u believe in too)

    Love and all the luck for you two


  2. Thanks, Qudsya! "School" is actually a bit more challenging than I anticipated. However, I think it will be a breeze once we get more established in our routine and its not "new" anymore :)