Chasing Cheerios

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Back

Thanks for all of the comments on my Unintended Break post. My finger is on the mend, and I should be back to regular blogging soon. I was supposed to get my stitches out today, but I accidentally popped one this morning and my finger didn't look healed enough to have them all removed. I'll probably clip the rest of them tomorrow. I'm trying to talk O into helping me (since she loves to pretend to be a doctor), but she's not interested. She said "I'm just a little kid. I'll be a doctor when I'm bigger." I asked when that would be and she said "when I'm 6 or 7 or maybe 9 or 10."


  1. We've really-really missed you!
    I have been sending my best loving thoughts down to you and your family. I think O's comment is as cute as can be! Don't you just adore the things they say!
    Take good~good care.