Chasing Cheerios

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Moveable Alphabet...

...or not! My birthday was the day after Easter, so we celebrated on Easter with the delicious cheese braid that my mom makes for me every year. This year she bought candy letters to spell out Happy Birthday. After they sang to me, O started playing with the letters and making and reading words. What fun!

As an ironic side note, my mom gave me an avocado pitter for my birthday...I cut my finger the next day using a knife to pit an avocado. As I was bringing the knife down to the avocado pit, I was thinking "I should find the avocado pitter that mom just gave me." As I was bleeding all over the kitchen, I was thinking "I REALLY should have found and used the avocado pitter!"


  1. I know it might not be the best time to make suggestions about this, but lol.... when I am cutting up avocado for our Little Man to eat, after I cut it in half I usually just bang the pit a few times, kinda hard, with the side of the knife. Then I hold the avocado in my hand kind of like you would if you were sqeezing a lemon, and then just squeeze a little, wiggling it side-to-side a bit, and 90% of the time the pit just pops right out.

    I'm glad the new mist stuff seems to be working, hope you're healed soon!

  2. I've also cut my hand pitting an avacado...not as bad though. But one day I held it in my hand and used the knife to hack into the pit and the avacado was super soft and the pit slipped from under the knife and the knife went through the skin just a bit.
    So now I cut the avacado in half, place the half with the pit on the counter and hack into the pit without holding the avacado at all, once the knife is lodged in the pit THEN I twist and the pit comes out and to get the pit off the knife I bang the handle of the knife on the edge of the counter and it falls right off. :)
    haha that was a bit of a long story, but hope that helps :D

  3. Your cut sounds painful ... but your blog about the candy Moveable Alphabet is great! It goes to show that fancy equipment isn't necessary for Montessori. Thank you for helping to spread the word about Montessori to so many families - great work! Please visit our store and blog ( for our free monthly Montessori materials. Best of luck!