Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That Explains It!

I tried scheduling a couple of posts and did not realize that they never actually posted (I really need to start reading my blog, I guess!). I was wondering why no one commented...usually there is at least one comment per post. Thanks to all of you who comment. I read every comment, and I try to answer the questions in the comments section. Although, I have gotten a little slack about doing that lately...sorry about that. I'm trying to do better :)


  1. Do you use a reader to read blogs in? if so, add your own then when you have your blog reading time you can see how you post looks to everyone else. If you don't use a reader then you NEED to on to it! :o)

  2. THanks, Jo! I do use a reader...I just never have time to actually read it! It's probably been about 2 weeks since I've read any blogs, including my own :)