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Monday, January 31, 2011

Geometric Solids for Baby

I introduced 5 of the geometric solids to E last week (I left out the ones with sharp points).  I told her the names of the solids and showed her that she could stack them.  Then I sat back and watched.  It is so rewarding to just watch her explore new materials.  She loved stacking the solids, and she kept trying to get the ellipsoid to balance on the top.

That didn't work, so she tried to balance the sphere.

I thought this was a good lesson in physics...until it worked!  It ended up being a lesson on persistence and balance!

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More than anything she loved taking the blocks out of the basket and then putting them back in again.  She spent a LONG time with this activity and was so focused the entire time.  Gotta love Montessori for building concentration and the ability to be completely absorbed by a task!

She was very proud of herself when she got all of the blocks into the basket!


  1. it so interesting to see her level of concentration working!!It is so sweet!Love watching her videos.

  2. I totally enjoy this teeny little video clips. it really does show how well montessori methods work. i love that you have her on the work mat and she is amazingly focused. way to go!!

  3. Hi!

    I am looking at getting some geometric shapes. Can you please tell me what yours are made out of?


  4. Ha Ha love the videos my little bug always seems to have one sock on and one sock off too!

  5. I love how these geometric solids are glossy, not matte finished like some of the ones I'm seeing online. Where did you buy them from?