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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treasure Box

O painted an unfinished wooden box (from Hobby Lobby) a few months ago for us to use as a treasure box.  During dinner we discuss our day and talk about our "treasure" of the day.  It can be anything that happened that day that was special or made us happy. This helps us remember to appreciate the special little things from each day and to not take our happy lives for granted. 


For a while (about a month), O said her treasure was when I picked her up from school. Then she would ask E what her treasure was.She'd bend down and pretend like E was whispering in her ear, and she'd say that E's treasure was picking her up from school, too. Then one day I said "I wonder what E's treasure is." O looked at E intently, and then said "she said her treasure is..." I asked "Oh, you can read her mind?" She said "Yes. It's because we are sisters." THAT was my treasure of the day!


We discuss our treasures several times a week and write them down on slips of paper about once a week. O loves for us to tell her stories from our childhoods, and one day she said that she would use this treasure box to help her remember things to tell her own children one day.  THAT was my treasure for that day! 


  1. wow that's beautiful :) what a lovely idea, We have also painted a wooden box but we haven't determined what to do with it, this is a wonderful idea thanks!

  2. Oooh! I am currently reeling from two days of a little one being afraid of her room all of a sudden, and a friend suggested talking about her day to decompress before bedtime and perhaps head off the fears. I'm thinking this would be a super awesome way to do that!

    PS - we're still using "listening stars" and some days are better than others for sure, but I think it has helped.

  3. That's such a lovely idea. We play the 'my favourite part of today' game, same idea and such a great way to get into the head of my miss4yo for what was significant for her.
    I love the box too :)

  4. What a wonderful tradition that your girls will always treasure. I've added this to my list of things to do when my son is a little older.

  5. Love it! That activity is a treasure!

  6. What a wonderful, beautiful idea! I have a paper on the wall where I write down the "Amazing Questions" that sometimes come unexpectedly out of their mouths:-)), but this is extra special. If you have their "treasures" written on slips of paper, it would be so easy to add them later to a scrapbook, too.
    We may have to move this year, so I may just start doing this as a way to build a bridge between old and new--maybe a way to help them keep the "treasures" of their memories of Japan, and add new "treasures" from wherever we end up.

    Thanks for your always awesome ideas!

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