Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Almost 5,000 people visited my blog this week, and only 3 people bid on the auction to benefit Japan. *sigh*

Jenn- You are the winner! Please make your donation, and send me your receipt number and address! Thanks for bidding!


  1. sorry I didn't even see the post till this one.

    maybe people donated at their kids schools, work or other places. Times are real lean so that might be why too.

    I don't do online donations so I couldn't have bid.

  2. Awhile ago, I tried to comment and encountered some sort of problem... I tried a few times before giving up. I am trying again in case it is still an issue. I've commented in the past but haven't recently because the issue.

    Just in case that is why you didn't get many cpmments on the appeal.

  3. Okay, it appears my comment went through... but I wonder how many people had a similar problem recently and as a result stopped commenting. Have you seen the number of comments decrease recently?

    Best wishes!

  4. No doubt that feels very disappointing. Hopefully many people (like us) had already made donations in other ways. But even if you only got 3 bids, 5000 hits means that you were able to raise a lot of awareness and donations were probably given in other ways (OK, I just said that, I'm tired.)

  5. Thanks, Mom and Kiddo! I was just thinking the same thing and trying to make myself feel better about it :)

  6. We have a very small amount of money each month that our budget allows for donations. Ultimately, our donation money to Japan went further via a donation to the Red Cross through my work as the company matched dollar for dollar.

    We're engaged readers- just because we didn't bid doesn't mean that we don't care.

  7. Please, please don't be disappointed! So many people are trying to minimize or low on money now and it may just not have been a good time.
    I was fortuntate enough to live in Japan for 3 years and it is a beautiful country filled with the most amazing people. I would do anything for Japan and have made several donations already.
    We also move a lot and I am trying to keep what we own to things we really need or love. I try very hard to resist buying things impulsively have spent a lot of my time going through our material posessions and purging. This is not always easy and I didn't want to bring more in after working so hard.
    I do appreciate you trying to do something to help and I agree that you raised awareness or maybe reminded people like myself to make a donation even if they didn't bid.

  8. You shouldn't be disappointed. I follow your blog, I saw the auction and I didn't bid. Why? Because I usually contribute through other places. I donate to UNICEF that helps children all over the world, to the Red-Cross, to local institutions...
    And don't mind saing this, it may sound cruel, but there is so many people that needs help and our budget is so small that we can't help everybody. If I stop giving in church, for instance, to give to Japan, I will help someone across the ocean and the children next door who also need help will die to...

  9. I also felt disspointed when I posted my auction to help Japan..I think we parents have all this money to buy bunch of stuff we don't need but when somebody asks to help a cause seems like everybody has otheer things in mind.We (montessori moms) buy all these expensive materials for our kids which it is worth it but we don't the motivation to help a good cause!
    At the end we don't have to get upset about it I think everybody is different and we can not expect other to thing the way some do.