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Monday, June 20, 2011

Animals & An Ice Cube Tray

Here is another simple activity to build one-to-one correspondence skills! I gave E(1) an empty ice tray and a bowl of mini animals. There were just enough animals for one animal to go into each space in the tray. E loved putting the animals in the tray. While I was showing her the activity, she kept saying "my turn, my turn!" Then after she had her turn, she said "mommy turn."

She completed this activity several times in a row, and she especially liked the mini cats.

She put 3 cats in one space, and I had to bite my tongue to keep myself from correcting her. She stared at the tray for a couple of seconds, and then corrected herself by putting one cat in each space. It was fun to watch her expression as she thought about it.


  1. Would it be fun or traumatic for her if you put water in that ice cube tray and froze them? I'm sorry, I just couldn't quit thinking of that with every new picture!

    And she was sorting the animals! That's why the "cat family" was all in their own cube!

  2. Such a great idea!! Saw your blog on another blog and so glad I found it!! Thanks for sharing!

    We host a link party called “Help a Momma Out” every Tuesday! This would be an awesome link up! I would appreciate if you'd add it. Thanks in advance for your consideration :)


  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, too, and am going through your archives, reaping ideas for my little ones :)

    Where do you get such mini animals, if I may ask?