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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

International Readers...I Need Your Help!

So, I have an idea that's been brewing for a while, and I'm going to need some help to make it happen...are you in???

I read about Little Passports a few months ago (it's a monthly subscription to a package from a different country), and I thought about subscribing for my girls. Then (of course) I thought "I could just make that." I thought about it for a while...buying country specific items from Fair Trade websites and World Market, writing letters as if I were in another country, etc. I realized it would end up being VERY expensive and maybe not so great. Then my current idea emerged...

Wouldn't it be cool (and fun, educational, exciting, interesting, phenomenal, etc) for my kids (and yours!) to receive a package each month from a REAL child from another country???

Here is my proposal...

I (with O's help) will write a letter to your child. In the letter, we will talk about our country specific holidays (July 4th, Thanksgiving, etc) and traditions. We will discuss the things we do for fun, the food we eat, the places we travel, etc. I will include postcards, pics of the kids doing fun things in scenic places (water skiing, walking under waterfalls, hiking in the mnts, running on the beach, visiting a lighthouse, visiting Disneyworld, etc.), coins, a dollar bill, a recipe, and other small, lightweight, and fun souvenirs. If you will agree to send a similar package to me, I will send one to you! Also, if many people are interested in sending out several packages, then I'll coordinate addresses and get you the info, so that you can receive packages from other people as well as myself.

Ideally, I would like to receive at least 12 packages from 12 different countries. My plan is to give the girls a smartglobe for Christmas along with a "subscription" to a country package from a REAL family that they will get each month. Since the packages will probably all come in at about the same time, I will save them and then put one in the mailbox at the beginning of each month.

So, are you in? Doesn't this sound like SO much fun? I know that my girls will LOVE it...if it works. And another perk is that O can take her packages to her Montessori school when they are studying the different countries! If you are interested in participating, please email me ASAP at THANK YOU!!!

Edit to add: The emails are rolling in, so if you are interested in participating let me know ASAP. So far, I have particpants from Trinidad, Brazil, New Zealand, British Columbia (Canada), and Quebec (Canada). I am SO excited! Thank you ALL so much!


  1. I live in the US, but I am from Brazil and if you're ok, I could do it from here. I would have lots of fun doing it, and I know my kids would have fun too! So if you don't get anyone from Brazil or need any extras, let me know! :o)

  2. That would be great! Please email me at with your info. Once I get enough participants, I'll send out emails to everyone, and we can get started!

  3. I had also recently came across Little Passports and fell in love. I also thought.. "Hey, maybe I could do that!" and have a plan in the works for something kind of different. I hope your idea works out! I wish I could help too, but I live here in the states as well. Something that we just started, that you might be interested in.. pen pals! I have a blog post about the first package that we sent, and we just got R's first in the mail today! We are both really excited about it. Do your children have pen pals?

  4. Aww, was about to email, but looks like someone else from New Zealand has beaten me to it. Sounds like a great idea, I had loads of penpals as a kid and still in touch with my Israeli one, 24 years on!

  5. I love this idea! Our munchkin is just a little young to "get it" (16 months) but we live in Japan, so I'm sending the word around. Hopefully we'll find a taker on this end!

  6. I'm from New Zealand - would you like something from down here? It might take a while but can work on it in our school holidays which are coming up soon.

  7. Hi, i'm from Turkey.taht's a great idea so we are in with my 20m daughter :)

  8. I could send you something from Australia. I'll have to rack my brain for something.. we;re pretty americanized here :)

  9. I would love to participate, even if my son is quite young (he is E's age). We are in Australia, and I will email when I get home :)

    Perhaps we could arrange a roster of participants, so we all send packages to each other, each sending to and receiving from a different person each month?

  10. Hi Mellisa,
    we are living in Israel and my daughter (5 yo) would be thrilled with the exchange.
    Maya was born in Israel but my husband and myself were born in Romania. As at the end of August we will travel to Romania for our holiday, we can send you some stuff from there too.
    Please let me know what do you think:

  11. Yep, I'll take Costa Rica! Plus, when we visit Nicaragua & Panama I can put together something from there as well. Those might take some time though. I'll see if one of my Guatemalan Friends will help as well.

    I did not notice if you have Japan on the list but my cousin is there with her son. I will check.

    I am VERY interested in the exchange with other countries as well! My boys would LOVE this!! What a GREAT Idea!! We get to Costa Rica in August. I'll need some time to coordinate but YEAH!!

    OH & My friend in Germany would love this! I'll get them in touch!

  12. Great, Becca! Thanks! I wasn't sure if you'd be interested in the group exchange, but I knew you'd send us a package :) I may end up makign 2 groups because I have lots of duplicates. It will take a while and a little thought to sort it all out, but I am SO excited. I'm still hoping to hear from people from Africa, South America, Russia, etc...

  13. What a fantastic idea. I live in the states and wish there was a way this could open up for us as well. If you figure out a way that could work, I've got a couple of little munchkins that would love this. I'm currently in the process of setting up our own version of "Flat Stanley" so the kids can learn about other places, but your idea is so much better!

  14. I'm from Portugal but my little girl just turned 2 and maybe she's too young for this. But if you want some information from Portugal, I'll be happy to join in :)

  15. Great idea! Count me in. I'm from Malaysia. My children will be thrilled.

  16. Hi, I´m from Brasil, from the very south - RIO GRANDE DO SUL. I have a blog, if you want to check us out:
    We´ed love to participate!
    We also joined
    it´s really great!

    Gisele Barcellos

  17. My parents live in Haiti if you are interested in a package from there.

  18. sounds awesome! is there still room to participate?