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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Art On the Go

I the pursuit of organization and the encouragement of creativity, I put together these "On the Go Art Totes" for the girls. They are on the shelf directly above O(5)'s art shelf, and they are filled with art supplies that won't fit on her shelf (or that I don't want the baby to have easy access to...paint!). However, they are within sight, so E(2) can easily see and ask for them when she is in a painting mood!

We recently gotten a larger child sized table for our screened porch, and we have been doing a lot of art out there (as well as eating all of our meals out's wonderful!). These totes make doing art projects much easier because instead of me hunting through an art supply drawer for paint and paintbrushes and then a different drawer for paper, it's all right there, ready for us to grab and go!

The first tote is filled with dot painters, a stamp pad, and paper.

The second tote is filled with lots of different paints and paintbrushes. This tote sees the most action.

The third tote is a collage tote, and it's pretty empty right now. Maybe I'll fill it today...


  1. thank you again for the art organization posts--so helpful!

  2. tEven though Your children are much younger than mine, I am so enjoying your blog and all the recent organizational posts! Your blog is very inspiring for those with younger children and I will have a great site to refer them to now!

  3. What a great way to store supplies. The weather is still nice enough to do some outside outwork and these would work perfectly.

    Vicky @