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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

E's Birthday Cake

E(2) decided that she wanted a rice crispie treat birthday cake (after tasting and seeing pictures of my brother's 10 layer 5 tier rice crispie treat mom spoils all of us!). Luckily, my mom was still in the mood to make rice crispie treats, so she and the girls had a great time creating E's cake!

After they put the "cake" together, E, O, and their cousin decorated it. E said she wanted to decorate it with animals, so I printed a copy of her personalized paper doll and dressed it in a tiger outfit (she loves lions and tigers ever since she dreamt about them a couple of weeks ago). We also gathered all of her plastic animals to put on and around the "cake."

The bottom layer (made with fruity pebbles) is not pictured since it has her name on it. Everyone really enjoyed this "cake," and O says she wants her next cake to be a rice crispie treat cake, too!

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