Chasing Cheerios

Friday, September 30, 2011

Black Bean Bowl of "B" Objects

One of E(2)'s favorite "B" activities was playing with her bowl of black beans filled with "B" objects. She loved playing with the objects, especially the babies and bears.

She wanted to wear the tiny boots and put them on her toes.

She wanted to ride on the tiny bike, and asked me to hold it up for her while she pretended to sit on it. Such a silly girl!

She had fun finding the different objects as I requested them.

She LOVED finding the objects and matching them to a picture (I took a picture of all of the objects on a white sheet of paper and then printed and laminated it).

I have a feeling the black bean bowl may stay around a long time after we are finished with our "B" weeks!


  1. do you get your objects from a specific place or have you been collecting them?