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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Decorating a Pine Cone "Tree" Work

This work is copied from one that I saw in O(5)'s school on Monday.   I put a very large pinecone in a basket along with a jar to stand it in and decorations for it (pipe cleaners, pompoms, and tiny ornaments).

We stood the "tree" in the jar and started decorating.  We had to use a light touch so that it wouldn't fall over.  E(2) was much more interested in decorating herself with they shiny pipe cleaners, but O(5) enjoyed decorating the pine cone, and I did, too!

I really love our huge pine cone, but I think this would be a little more manageable with a smaller one...I'm going to hunt for one tomorrow!


  1. Wow! Great idea! This is going on my shelves next week! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! You have some humongous pine cones where you are! That is a great idea! I know my five year old would love it! My problem would be finding a pine cone that was big enough.

  3. We do have big pine cones near our house, but not this big! My sister brought this one to us from her California vacation this summer.