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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dream Snow & Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Dream Snow was one of our advent books from last week, and we finally found time to do the activity last night!

Cutting snowflakes from coffee filters is one of the simplest activities we've done so far!  It's SO much better than cutting them from typical paper!  We didn't follow any directions, but just folded and cut.  O(5) cut one of hers without folding it at all which she thought was really fun.  E(2) and I cut ours together, and we had fun folding the coffee filters and cutting little triangles all over it.  This is definitely an activity that we'll be doing again this winter.  Maybe next time we'll dip our coffee filters in dye to make rainbow snowflakes!


  1. lovely! Coffee filters are so great for crafts. My favorite is watercolor painting on them. So beautiful. Merry Christmas to your sweet family.

  2. when you do it again, use this poem (I do this in my classroom and found it on a blog about 2 yrs ago):

    "We were tired of winter days,
    Being cold and wet and gray,
    So we talked to winter's wizard,
    He made it snow a rainbow blizzard!" :)