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Friday, December 2, 2011

Painting Like Jackson Pollock

O(5) studied Jackson Pollock at school during the month of October. For the end of the month art activity, the kids painted like "Action Jackson!"

We put 1 canvas on each piece of paper and gave each child an egg carton filled with paint. They flung the paint onto the canvases using popsicle sticks and paintbrushes. They loved this activity!

When O(5)and I got home from school, we showed E(2) how to paint like "Action Jackson." We started with a little lesson on color mixing. (I love this perfect paint pallette that I found at the thrift store).

E didn't really like flinging the paint onto her canvas. She preferred to rub it in with her hands! Fun times!


  1. Looks great! I love all the activities you do with your girls. My son just turned one... What were some of their favorites when they were his age?

  2. Love this activity, especially the color mixing!

  3. Too funny! I have the same dish from a thrift store. I love it for paint and for sorting things. I think it is full of hair clips right now.

    That looks so fun!