Chasing Cheerios

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bird Song Identification Game

The girls and I have had so much fun playing our bird song identification game! We take turns wearing an eye mask while someone else chooses a bird from the basket and squeezes it to hear it's song. If you guess the bird correctly, you get to keep the bird. They beat me every time!

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  1. Did you buy these birds as a set? Where can they be purchased?

  2. The birds are audobon birds that you can buy on amazon. They are sold individually. I can't post a link tonight, but I'll add one tomorrow.

  3. love this game can I feature it with a link when I do my bird books post on my kid lit blog

  4. I would love a link to where to buy the birds :) I see I'm not the only one, Thanks for the great idea.