Chasing Cheerios

Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Week in Review

Here are a few highlights from last week...

The girls found the flower button board that I made for O(6) about 4 years ago.  O loved it, but E was only moderately interested.

We had a Valentine's Day themed homemade playdough playdate.  The kids helped make the playdough and then had fun playing with it. 

We cut hearts from flour tortillas to make heart shaped cinnamon and sugar tortillas for a playdate snack.

Goobi magnets are the most chosen work in our school room!  E(3) had fun making different shapes.

The chocolate playdough was a little crumbly!  It made a mess, but clean-up was fairly easy.

O(6) enjoyed her Rightstart Math lessons this week.  She created and solved math problems using the balance, and then recorded the problems in her notebook.

E(3) enjoyed spreading out and looking at the cards from our Impressionism memory game. 

We took a long walk on a beautiful day! 
E is running to me with her arms open for me to pick her up.  Love!

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  1. I am loving the look sof those goobi magnet building sets. I think we need some of those - will keep my eye out! And I absolutely love the button flower board you made - do you have directions for how to make that anywhere on your blog. What a great way to learn how to button - I suppose that one could create something similar using a variety of closures, huh. Food for thought! Another wonderful project to start in the future. Thank you for all the inspirations!

  2. My pre-k and kindergarten students loved anything magnetic. That Goobi building set looks great. Seems like you and the girls had a wonderful week! Renee

  3. Do you have the master pack for the goobi magnets or was it the master pack?