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Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Preschool Reading Work

E(3) LOVES to do reading work!  I do NOT make her do this work...I give her the opportunity, and she either takes it or doesn't.  If she doesn't want to do the work, that is absolutely fine.  I follow her lead, and right now she wants to read like her big sister! (but she spends most of her time engaged in pretend play, listening to us read books to her, and playing outside...she spends less than 15 minutes a day doing reading work and only about 3 days a week....I don't want to push reading on her as it is not really developmentally appropriate for a 3 year old.  However, since she wants to read desperately, I'm not going to deny her. She's having fun, and that is what is most important!)

She loved reading simple words using the sandpaper letters last week!
E loves the spinny speller!
Since O(6) is doing All About Reading Level 2, E(3) was THRILLED when I ordered All About Reading Level 1 for her!  She begged to read the stories and was disappointed that the lessons didn't have her reading stories right from the beginning.  She loves reading the words on the green cards, and she had fun making the words on the Spinny Speller match her flashcards.  I love that the lessons are so short and engaging for her.  We haven't done any of the worksheets yet...I'm not a fan of worksheets, but E really wants to do them, so we probably will.  (I'm not a fan of flashcards, either, especially for E's age, but she loves them, so she reads them).

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  1. We are on the third child loving and learning with that spinny speller - love that thing! It lives beside my 4 year olds bed and she looks at it often as she is going to sleep...