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Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Orleans Art Museum

One of my favorite afternoons in New Orleans was spent at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  We went on a Wednesday because it was free.
 I packed a sketch book and pack of pencils for the girls, and they each chose a painting to sketch.  E(3) was VERY excited about this activity, and she wanted to sketch EVERY painting on the first floor of the museum.  She kept saying excitedly "I want to sketch this one and that one and that one over there and that one, too!!!"  She especially loved the paintings of mothers and babies and finally decided on this one.  I was amazed by how long she sat on the floor studying the painting and sketching in her book.
The girls, my mom, and I really enjoyed the museum (Elliott was in a work conference, which was the purpose of our trip to N.O.), and I was excited when the girls recognized the works of art from various artists that we've studied.  O(6) was VERY excited to see a painting by Georgia O'Keefe, and E(3) was thrilled when I pointed out a painting by Andy Warhol.  They both recognized a painting by Picasso even though they'd never seen it.

This pic of O(6) hugging E(3) is one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip.  O(6) was comforting her sister because she thought the painting was scary.

It took O(6) a while, but she finally decided to sketch this wall in the lobby.  She worked for a little while, but the allure of the museum gift shop was too much, and she didn't finish her sketch.

The sculpture garden at the museum is also free, and we spent a wonderful couple of hours exploring it.  The girls are looking for their names in this alphabet sculpture.

There was lots of giggling when they saw this sculpture!
E(3) loved touching each sculpture before guessing what material it was made from.  She guessed right almost every time (almost all of them were bronze!).
After this wonderful experience at the art museum, we are looking forward to spending time in our (somewhat) local art museum.  


  1. I LOVED this post! What a wonderful adventure. I loved the girls sketching and the hugging picture is priceless. You're a fantastic mama and get extra props for photo documenting their homeschooling experience!

  2. Thank you, Becky!!! Right before I read this comment (literally about 30 seconds ago), I was thinking about how much we miss you and Sadie. Tuesday afternoons just aren't the same :(