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Monday, March 25, 2013

"Painting with Scissors" like Matisse

We studied the art and life of Henri Matisse during the month of February.  We read a couple of books about Matisse (library books that I don't remember the names of) and looked at his works of art.  After learning that Matisse stated that he "painted with scissors" when creating his collages, I decided that this would be the perfect project to wrap up our study (we also did this art project at our local Montessori!).

I put a stack of construction paper in the middle of our kitchen table, gave the girls scissors and glue sticks and white cardstock, and told them to cut shapes to create a masterpiece.  O(6) immediately decided to create a rainbow scene.  E(3) loves to copy her sister, so she also decided to make a rainbow.  E(3) had trouble cutting the way she wanted to, so she told me exactly what she wanted and I cut for her.  She did all of her planning and glueing.
O(6) LOVED this activity and was completely engrossed in her work.  As she worked, E(3) decided to make rainbow hills rather than a traditional rainbow.  She then decided to turn a couple of her hills into trees.

O(6)'s finished masterpiece.  I think she did a beautiful job, and she was so proud to present her art to the Montessori class as an example before we did the activity with that group.
E(3) was also very proud to present her artwork to the Montessori class, but she seemed a little disturbed that the children thought that her rainbow hills and trees were popsicles!

We have almost all of the Touch the Art books, and the girls LOVE them.  These books are a wonderful introduction to art!
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  1. love this craft, pinned

    Natasha @

  2. This is such a creative way to approach a study of Matisse.

    I understand where E is coming from, I see rainbows hills:) Good Job E and O!!

    Sometimes my art is interpreted differently, the joys of art! Once I drew a sun, and a child told me I forgot to add the nose and the mouth. LOL.

    Thank you for sharing.