Chasing Cheerios

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yummy Lunch

It always surprises me that the posts about the girls' lunches generate so many emails and hits. So, since this is an easy post to write and since Elliott mistakenly made the comment that he thought the kids weren't eating healthy enough (this highly offended me and I now take frequent pics of their food...he quickly rescinded his complaint!), I'll be sharing more of their simple and healthy meals.

The girls loved this lunch...they had watermelon, boiled shrimp, salad, and walnuts. Deeeelicious!


  1. I love to see what your girls are eating! I am trying very hard to eat better. It really helps me with new ideas and reminds me to keep it simple!

  2. Not sure it's possible to get much healthier than that! =]

  3. yum! I use this type of plate with my son... he loves eating off it.