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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Absorption Color Wheel Revisited

As I mentioned before, we are big on re-doing experiments that we've loved, and this color wheel was a fun one!  (Following the link for instructions)

We put 6 glass jars in a circle and filled every other jar with water.  The girls took turns putting food coloring (red, yellow, blue) in the water.  We then connected every jar with rolled white paper towels.
The girls were THRILLED to watch the paper towels absorb the colors.  They were calling out excitedly which colors were moving the fastest up the paper towels.  You know your kids don't get much screen time when watching water travel up paper towels is so thrilling!

We were all pretty excited when the colors started mixing!
We left the color wheel in the center of the table until the paper towels absorbed all of the water and dried.  The girls are now excitedly making plans for things they can make with their beautiful paper towels!


  1. Very Cool indeed! We will be trying this ourselves.
    Curious...what ever did you end up making with the dyed paper towels?

  2. Pretty interesting......why did it turn black, at the end?