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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Favorite Summertime Activity...Ice Excavation!

Excavating treasures from ice has been one of our favorite summer activities for about 5 years!  The girls and I had fun making their ice treasures yesterday afternoon, and they had a great time excavating this morning!
They were excited to see that their ice hadn't frozen all the way, so they had ice caves which then melted into very large ice bracelets.
They poured salt and water on the ice to melt it.
We couldn't find a hammer, so O(7) brought her softball bat to the beach to beat her ice.
They enjoyed playing with the ice in the lake even more than excavating the treasures, so we are going to make a lot more icebergs just to have in the lake to play with until they melt.  Fun times at Lakeside Homeschool!

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