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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just an FYI...

I thought I should make this clear...

Whenever I post about our curriculum, I am including everything that I have planned.  I love to plan, and I always plan wayyyyyyyyyyyy more than we have the time, inclination, or motivation to actually do.  The good thing is that there is always something to fall back on if something falls through.

So, I just thought I should let you know that we are, by no means, doing all of the things that I planned to do in this post.  There really just isn't enough time in the day :)   The huge emphasis in our homeschool is reading aloud (followed by narration), spending hours out of doors, and free and independent play.  Everything else is just gravy!

The things we have NOT done yet this summer are...

Discovery Streaming Elementary Spanish...I'm not sure why we haven't done's easy and fun.  I guess the main reason is that I don't like for the kids to watch tv during the day, especially during the summer, so I'm just not turning it on at all, even for school. 

Sequential Spelling...I decided to give O(7) a break from spelling this summer, so we'll begin this again in August. 

Typing...O loves this, but we are waiting to start again in August.  She is really looking forward to getting back to this. 

Woodworking...It's wayyyyyy to hot to do woodworking during the day around here.  This will be a fall and spring activity. 

Meet the Masters...I just can't seem to get this going.  I really want to, but I haven't made it happen yet.  I can't remember my password, so I guess getting a new password is the first step...

The things are ARE doing this summer....

We do fun art and science projects outside almost every day.  These activities are very simple, fun, and quick.  We basically do the same things that we love every summer, and the girls look forward to these specific activities.  

They swim, play, and "cook" on the beach for hours.  They love to lay in the water and listen to me read and read and read.  

We've done a few cooking projects, but nothing major.  We'll do more of that in preparation for O's upcoming birthday.

We've played a few brain games, but we haven't played games everyday like I'd hoped we would.  It turns out that I love the games a lot more than the kids do!  Although, they enjoy them once we get going :)

The girls love Life of Fred, and we read about 3 chapters per week.  The main thing "school" thing we are doing is reading and narration.  They both are excellent narrators, but neither of them enjoy it very much, unfortunately. 

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