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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

18 Months Old!

O is 18 months old! She has really grown and changed so much in just the last few weeks. She is repeating so much of what we say now, we really have to watch what we say:). Her absolute favorite activity is reading! We read at least 20 books per day, and I think she would do nothing but read all day if we let her (she's a lot like her mommy). She loves to go for walks and play outside on her slide. She loves to play with playdoh, and she gets so excited when she sees the playdoh container. She's gotten really good about telling us when she has to go to the potty, and she is wearing "panties like Marg" all day except when she is sleeping or when we go out and about. She gets to choose whether she wears panties or diapers, and she chooses panties 99% of the time (she smiles like it is so funny when she is given the choice of what to wear). When she tells me that she has to potty, I sometimes tell her to "try to hold it until we get to the potty." She crosses her arms over her tummy quickly. I guess she is trying to "hold it," and I bet she is wondering what in the world she is supposed to be holding!
On Saturday I burnt my arm when I lifted the lid of a pot of soup on the stove. O and Ell were in the kitchen, too, and I guess Ell said something about how I should have been wearing an oven mitt. Ever since then O has been bringing me the oven mitt whenever I go near the oven or stove. She says "hot, hot" as she brings it to me, and she backs way up whenever I open the stove (sometimes all the way across the room). Every time she looks at my burn she makes a little crying sound (I didn't cry btw, but Guh-guh taught her to make a crying sound over hurts), and I tell her that its a burn and mommy is ok. Whenever O sees a mark on her leg from the elastic from her socks or panties, she thinks its a hurt and makes the same crying sound. I think we've finally convinced her that it doesn't hurt that its just a mark. Its pretty funny.
O calls all letters O, all numbers 2 (do), and all colors blue (boo). When you ask her how old she is she holds up both of her pointer fingers and says "do." I say "Slow down, girl. You are 1!" When you ask her her name she says "O." She also says "Ohhhhh" often when you tell her something that she didn't know. She picked this up on Christmas Eve when Elliott said "ohh" to something and she's been saying it ever since.
O still loves her milkies, and last night she tandem nursed her baby doll and monkey. It was very sweet. She no longer gets milkies during the night, which is very upsetting to her. We put a timer on her lamp, and we tell her that she can have milkies when the lamp comes on. When the lamp comes on she sits straight up in bed, claps, grins, and signs and says "milk, milk." O thoroughly enjoys helping out in the kitchen while in her Kitchen Helper. It is great because she can stand in it and see everything that I am doing even when it is something that she can't participate in (such as chopping carrots).

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