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Monday, January 14, 2008

Another Homemade Book

This is my favorite page.
I started working on this book for O about 3 months ago, but I got sidetracked by Christmas and just finished it. Its her favorite homemade book by far. I gave it to her yesterday afternoon, and we've already read it at least 15 times! Its based on a book by the same name that we checked out from the library that O absolutely loved. That book is based on the song by the same name. This is another book that we sing rather than read!


  1. Oooh, can you tell me (if you don't mind) what you used as the book form? Looks positively adorable...I'd love to try it. Thanks! ( meg dot wilson at gmail dot com )

  2. I've already emailed Meg with this info, but just in case anyone else wants to know... I ordered the blank books from They have lots of different kinds of blank books, puzzles, and games (the ABC puzzle came from there, too). My favorites are the board books. I decopaged the pics to the book, but don't put a top layer of mod podge within the book because it will make the pages stick together and pull the pics off (I learned this the hard way!).