Chasing Cheerios

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday's Activity

This was a very engrossing activity. O loved putting the golf tees into the playdoh, and she kept asking for more tees. I watched her very closely because I was afraid she would put the tees in her mouth. This is definitely not an activity that I will let her do independently.


  1. Hi! We actually do this when we go out to eat. I keep mini playdough in my purse. At Cracker Barrel there is that game with the golf tees and the boys pretend they are candles on a cake. They love it when I pull out the playdough when we go out to eat b/c they never know what items they will be able to create with their playdough and those things they find on the table.

  2. Great idea, Becca! I have some mini playdoh that I need to find, so I can keep it with me, too.