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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Pocketbook Full of Fun!

In addition to the activity bags, I also filled an old pocketbook with fun items for O to explore during our trip. The pocketbook has lots of zippered pockets, and I put at least one item in each pockets. The items are: 2 playsilks, a compact with a mirror, a tiny Winnie the Pooh, a calculator, another small mirror, a waistband key thing (Elliott has his work key on one of these, and O loves to play with it when he gets home from work each day), a small flashlight, a harmonica, 2 velcro bracelelts, silly putty, and a small brush. O is really proud of her "bockbeckbook!" She puts the strap on her shoulder and walks arounds saying "ike mama," which is pretty funny since I can't stand to carry a pocketbook!

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  1. Yes, I was going to ask if this old pocket book was actually ever used! :)