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Friday, June 27, 2008

Toddler Activity Bags in Action

We weren't on the plane long enough for me to get out the toddler activity bags, but O enjoyed drawing on her magnetic board for a few minutes. She was so tired that she closed her eyes, but she kept on drawing! She didn't like it when the plane dipped, so she held her daddy's hand for a while.

We were lucky that we had a lounge to hang out in, while we waited at the aiport for a couple of hours while waiting for Uncle William to come pick us up. We did a few activities while we waited.
O wasn't too impressed with the color sorting bears activity. She did it perfectly at first, but then she started pouring all the bears together. She was ready to put the bears back, and try something new.
She was very impressed with the "niney" Potato Head. She was especially excited when she saw that Mrs. Potato Head has "tap-tap" shoes!
O had fun dancing with Mrs. Potato Head!


  1. I have been meaning to send you this link!

    Hope you find something for O!

  2. Where did you find the "niney" potatoe head? Charlie would probably love a "Baby" to go with his family. :)

  3. Thanks, Shannon! I think I'll make the Ocean Animals tot book for O :)

    Becca- I found the "niney" potato heads at Dollar General and Family Dollar for $2. They are really cute. I bet Charlie would love one.

  4. so glad she likes them and had fun with them! i have 1 or 2 activity in a bag's with me in my diaper bag cuz you enver know wehn you might need them! i need to get a little tray to have in the car with us!
    syd's fave from the swap right now is wrapping paper match up and color fishing!

  5. Color fishing sounds fun! How does it work?

  6. is there a way we can email each other?? that waty i can eamil you how to make it

  7. mommomto2pumpkins- My email address is I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. It looks like you were so prepared and that O had a wonderful time waiting! I should put some of these little bags together. I'd also love to hear about color fishing. :)