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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dark Chocolate Covered Apples

When I was a child, I loved candied apples and caramel apples. I wanted O to be able to experience something similar, but healthier, so we made dark chocolate apples :) I was surprised by how yummy the dark chocolate & apple combination was. O loved it since apples, chocolate, and sugar sprinkles are 3 of her favorite things :)

To make the apples, we melted dark chocolate chips in the microwave. This took quite a while, and I eventually added in a little canola oil to make it watery enough to coat the apples. O held the apples over a bowl while I spooned the chocolate on them. We then sprinkled them with orange, purple, and white sugar sprinkles. O was eating the sprinkles as fast as she could, and she lost interest in helping me finish the apples. Silly girl! The apples don't look very pretty, but they tasted good, and they are a lot healthier than candied apples or caramel apples!


  1. That's the same thing as my kids do. In fact, when we make cookies or muffins, they think the dessert is finished when the batter is made.

  2. i goota try this version, probablt better than my peanut butter version

  3. Damaris- You're peanut butter version looked delicious. We're planning to try it soon!

  4. Looks good! I would be tempted to put some peanut butter on first and then dip in chocolate.