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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Matching Silly Animal Pictures

I recently made O another matching activity from a mini calendar. (Here is the butterfly activity that is similar to this one). I cut the calendar apart and laminated the pages. Then I cut the tiny pictures (that were on the back of the calendar) out for O to match to the bigger pictures. She used a magnifying glass to look at the tiny pictures before matching them. This was a fun activity especially since the animal pictures are so silly.


  1. Great idea! B loves any chance he can to use a magnifying glass!

  2. what a fun . i wonder if my 19 month-old girl can use a magnifying glass.i will try asap. ty

  3. Calendars are perfect for sorting and matching activities. I will certainly be stocking up on more calendars when they go on special after the new year.

    I've also used calendar pictures as story starters.

  4. oh, what a great way to reuse the calendar! I am gonig to have to try tha out!!!!