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Monday, November 9, 2009

ShapeScapeS...Oh My!!!

Amy from Let's Explore sent us a set of ShapeScapeS to try. My first impression was that the set was much bigger than I expected. I usually overestimate the size of things that I buy online, so I was surprised to see that the set was much bigger than I expected.

ShapeScapeS is a "Sculpture in a Box" activity that is really amazing! The set contains over 90 whimsical, high quality plastic shapes. ShapeScapeS was created by Los Angeles sculptor Peter Mayer with intention of providing children with the opportunity to expand their spatial skills and color awareness. ShapeScapes can be transformed into sculptures, wall hangings, or mobiles. The possiblities for open ended, creative play are endless!

I think ShapeScapeS will be a great way for our family to jumpstart a "Family Art Night!" O had a little trouble putting the pieces together. She handed me the pieces and showed me where she wanted them, and I pushed them into place. After a little practice, she was able to be more independent with building her creations by herself. The age range for this toy says ages 6 and up...O is 3, so it's not surprising that it was a little difficult for her at first. It is, however, a great fine motor exercise, and her hand and finger muscles were getting lots of work :)

I love that O will have an easy, non-messy way to create 3d art (I don't typically mind messes, but it is nice to be able to create art with no mess!). I also love that ShapeScapeS is a toy that O will not grow out of...I can easily see her enjoying this toy for many, many more years, and since we are known for saving everything, she may be playing with this ShapeScapeS set with her own children one day :)

Extension activities that I've planned for ShapeScapeS include laying the pieces on paper to create 2d art. It would be fun to trace the shapes and then color or paint them to create abstract art. I also plan to trace to shapes onto felt and cut the shapes out to create a 2d ShapeScapeS felt board activity. I may also take pictures of a few designs for O to recreate. I can easily imagine setting up a Montessori tray using the ShapeScapeS set :)

Let's Explore is having a sale on all of their building toys, so check them out! Everything in the building section is 15% off until November 15. O will be getting a Made By Me Truck in her Christmas Stocking this year, and we love our Twig blocks! I am also very intrigued by the Dado Cubes , and I may add them to O's Christmas wish list (that her grandparents request each year).


  1. oh these look cool. I wonder if I can buy them here in to see now. :)

  2. Okay, those are seriously cool. I didn't think we needed one more building toy, but I'd make an exception for those.

  3. PBug has Dado Cubes and she has endless fun with them. They're a very open-ended toy, which I love!

  4. BTW, I just saw you've been nominted for Best Unschooling Blog. Congratulations and good luck.

  5. Something must be wrong with my connection...non of your photos are showing up. :-(

  6. Cool! I think my 6 y.o. will love these!