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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mimi the Sardine Apron

Amy from Let's Explore sent O this Mimi the Sardine apron as a "Big Sister" gift, and we love it! While I love the design, the BEST thing about this apron is that it has a fine acrylic coating (not plastic/PVC or oil cloth), which makes it SO easy to clean! O uses this apron when she paints, cooks, and when she eats. It is a wonderful bib (O tends to get VERY messy when she eats!) since it covers her shirt and pants. I love that I can just wipe it off rather than having to wash it every time she uses it. I was relieved to see that paint (washable tempera paint) wipes off just as easily as food. The straps are adjustable which means that O will be able to use it for years. It also has a pocket for her to hold her paintbrushes or other art supplies while she's hard at work :)

As you can see in the picture, she also likes to wear it just for fun! She's wearing the apron over her beautiful silk dragonfly wings :)

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  1. How lovely!
    I wonder where I could get such a fabric. I only found oilcloth and it seems heavy and hard to sew!