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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sustainable Homestead

Cayce from Sustainable Homestead sent us 2 lunchbox napkins and a reusable baggie to try, and I thought this review would be perfect for Earth day!

We only use cloth napkins in our house as I can't stand the waste of paper napkins. (Elliott insists on buying paper towels, but he doesn't use them very often, and I usually just use them for art projects :) All of our napkins are quite large, so it was fun for O and E to have napkins that were just for them! They are the perfect size for little hands and faces (and they must taste good, too!). I love the fabrics that Cayce uses for her napkins, and we use them often when we have picnics on our porch and in the yard. They are fun for an impromptu game of peek-a-boo in addition to being great as napkins.

The napkins are approximately 7"x7" and are made from 100% cotton fabric. They have rolled edge hems and are double thickness.

The reusable baggies are perfect for picnics or school lunches. Here's what Cayce has to say about the baggies...

"Are you looking for a good no-waste replacement for those thin plastic baggies? Look no more! My reusable baggie is made from soft ripstop nylon with pretty rolled exterior seams and features a reinforced fold-over top to hold items inside. Fold over closures are easier for little hands to open and close. No food bits stuck in velcro. No crumbs trapped in internal seams. Ick! Just bright and bold colors and easy clean up with this reusable baggie! They are approx. 7"x8" unfolded, a similar size to their throw-away plastic counterparts.

These bags also make GREAT party favor and gift bags! They can be made in almost any color or combo of colors to suit your individual needs. What a great way to promote green living at your next party or event!"

We were so excited to use these products, and I'm sure that we'll be using them for years. They are very well-made, and it feels good to use handmade, reusuable products instead of mass produced, disposable goods. Thanks, Cayce!

Make sure to mention Chasing Cheerios when you order (for the next 2 weeks) to get 10% off your order! Earth Day is a great day to start going green, so give it a try with these fun, handmade products!


  1. I love those fabrics!!!

    I also wanted to let you know that I linked up to your blog today! I borrowed your idea for the Art Jar! Great idea -- we're having a ball!

    Have a great day!

  2. ^^^ hey Jen!!

    Cayce is amazing I love her blog :)


  3. I love these! I have been wanting to make some napkins but just never seem to get around to it!