Chasing Cheerios

Friday, July 23, 2010

Found Object Art

During our week of studying our backyard habitat, I thought it would be fun to make art with found objects. O and I found the perfect board in our garage. Then we went into the lake to collect empty clam shells...there's never any shortage of these! After the clam shells dried, I drew the outline of a fish on the board. We spread glue on and in the fish outline and filled it with clam shells. This was a fun and easy project, and we were happy with the end result!

This project was inspired by a similar art project by my cousin, Anne. Anne collects rusty nails and bits of glass from the field where she rides horses. She then glues these bits of found objects to boards in the shapes of horses. They are amazing! Thanks, Anne, for the inspiration!!!


  1. Looks really cute!!! I bet the girls enjoyed doing this. I haven't made any of my "found" horses this summer, even though I have a whole bucket full of "junk" waiting to do so. Excellent arts integration project!

  2. What a great idea. Very cute.

  3. I'm impressed. Your girls are going to be brilliant. I haven't seen Anne's horses but I want to.