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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nature and Art

We have been learning more about the plants and animals that live in our yard this week. We've found dead bugs that we've inspected with a magnifying glass, and we've read books about lakes and lake animals (since we live at a lake). On Monday we took our paper and watercolor paints outside and painted landscapes while pushing E in her swing.

O and I took turns painting pictures, and she was a little upset when I painted my sky all the way down to the grass on my picture. She demonstrated and gave me instructions on how the sky should only be a blue strip at the top of the page. I remember drawing the sky this way and then having a sudden realization that the sky does not actually look like this. I asked O if she was sure if the sky should just be a small strip at the top of the page, and she was adamant :) Love it!

After we painted for a while, O decided to paint her foot, too.

I'm looking forward to more outside painting with O soon. I think it would be a lot of fun to go on the dock to paint, but we have to wait until we have someone to watch E since her little fast self would crawl off the dock in a second!


  1. It really is interesting how kids see things and how their perspective changes over time. Outdoor nature painting/drawing is such a fun learning activity.

  2. The strip of sky is interesting to me. I always made exactly half the page blue and the other half green. Pictures my mom kept from when I was about 4 confirm this. I am really glad you mentioned this perspective so I won't freak out if my daughter does that when she gets a bit older!

  3. How Very Observate She Is!

    If you have a portable playyard, E could enjoy the nature around the dock with you. You could take along art supplies that E could enjoy w/o much supervision.

  4. Love it! I remember doing the same thing as a kid!