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Friday, October 1, 2010

Catching a Rainbow Science Experiment

O, E, and I usually do a science experiment or an art activity each afternoon. Last week we did the "Catching a Rainbow" science experiment from Kidzone.

We poured a cup of milk into a bowl. Then O squeezed 3 drops of red food coloring at the top of the bowl, yellow at the bottom, and blue at the opposite side (to form a triangle). I squeezed a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid into the middle of the bowl, and we observed the changes.

I printed a sheet from Kidzone for O to complete about our experiment. She worked on it as she watched the rainbow.

She was SO excited when I told her that she had a homework. She said "Homework! I've always wanted to do homework!" I read the questions to her on the sheet, and she dictated the answers to me.

This was a fun experiment, and I'm excited by how much O enjoyed drawing what she saw and answering questions.  I think we may start a science journal for her to draw and write about the different experiments that we do. 


  1. I love this! You always have such great activities on your blog. My kids and I made tornados with 2Liter coke bottles and water this week! We will definately be trying this in the near future! Love your blog!

  2. Using milk for this is a great idea since it picks up the colors so nicely.

  3. great idea!thanks have a wonderful weekend.