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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Loving the Rice Pit

We revamped our rice pit a couple of months ago, and started letting E get in it to play when she was about 11 months old (she's almost 13 months old now).

I have to watch her closely because she'll occasionally try to sneak rice in her mouth, but she LOVES the rice pit.
We usually come straight to the rice pit on our screened porch after we get home from dropping O off at school. We have fun scooping, pouring, using the funnel, etc.

The rice pit is definitely a favorite activity for O and E, and I highly recommend it for hours of fun!

I added a few links showing the rice pit that O used to play in when she was a little older than E is now.  I can't believe how little O used to be and how quickly she's grown up :(


  1. We have a rice tray that our kids love to play with!

  2. That looks like endless hours of fun. Karen
    Sippy Cup Central Mom

  3. My kids love your rice pit too! It is one of their favorite things at your house!

  4. Do you leave the rice out all the time? If so, how do you keep bugs out of it, and how do you keep it from accumulating moisture that ruins it? This looks like so much fun, but I'm afraid of bugs, mold, spoilage, etc.

  5. We leave it out all the time, and we've never had a problem with bugs. The only time that it mildewed was when it got really wet in the rain. Other than that one time, it has lasted for years.