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Friday, October 29, 2010

Foam Haunted House

I bought this foam haunted house kit from Michael's last year after Halloween, and we were excited about putting it together.  I hope I never buy one of these again! (I have a hard time resisting really good deals, so I just need to stay away from after Halloween sales!)  It was NOT fun to put together.  It fell apart constantly as I built it.  However, O and my niece had a great time decorating it after I built it, so I guess it was worth it.


  1. We had a foam princess house and used a low heat glue gun. That helped 100%!! Of course, O can't use that, but you could put the walls together and she could decorate it?

  2. I was just going to say the same thing as Lisa. We had that exact foam house from Michael's, except ours was the Easter one. I tried using the craft glue, but DEFINITELY the low temp glue gun is the way to go. My girls loved decorating it.

    And whenever I make gingerbread houses, I use a glue gun to put the house together :) Sooooo much easier! (of course nobody eats it) I just cover the hot glue with icing so you can't see it, then use the icing to stick the candy on. Quick and fun!

  3. We did, or should I say tried to do, the Easter one last Easter. My kids are 8,7,5 and they got VERY frustrated and said they NEVER wanted to do another one again!

    I agree it was NOT fun.

  4. I know this is really really late to reply to this post but I happened on to this page when I was looking up these foam kits to see what other ones they have.

    My nephew (9 years old) and I have been building these buildings / kits every year nowfor 3 years now and have quite the village.

    I built the one in your post this year (the house is exactly the same, just my decorations were slightly different. I got VERY frustrated trying to get the roof to glue on and stay on but finally came up with the perfect idea... straight pins! Obviously an adult would have to do this part but it worked wonders and is going to make dismantling and packing away a lot easier than if it was all glued together! If anyone is interested in seeing a picture feel free to email me.