Chasing Cheerios

Sunday, October 10, 2010

O's Bento Box Lunch

O eats lunch at school once a week (while waiting for her ballet class to begin), so we bought a cute pig bento box for her.  (We love her pig bento box, but we were both surprised by how small it is).  I'm not very creative when packing her bento box, but I'm getting better.

She had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut like a cat, a pirouette, and whole grain goldfish crackers.

The top layer was filled with petite baby carrots, snow peas, and raisins.

Here's her pig bento along with a pack of freeze dried bananas and strawberries.  Both girls LOVE freeze dried fruit!


  1. Wow--didn't know they'd started selling obento-bako in the US, though I've thought for years that it would be great for American kids if they did. It's easy to pack healthy lunch in an obento-bako:))
    My oldest had Thomas in kindergarten, then Pokemon, then we had Kitty-chan, then tombo. But, alas, they're all in elementary school now--no more obento bako (well, not cute piggy-bako, anyway:((

    I'm in the middle of a post on o-bento--how weird is that! Must be something in the air:))

  2. I totally skipped your post (if you wrote one) about O starting school! So congrat for the big step! Is she in mainstream school or in a Montessori school?

  3. I just started reading this blog. I think you'd love it for O's lunch :)

  4. cute box!
    you said it looks small, well, I think it is the way that you pack it, if you look at the Japanese bento's they are tightly packed, it is amazing how much you can squeeze in if you try :o)

  5. We have the Panda version of this same Bento box. I found that if it was packed tightly, I rarely used the second compartment for my (then) three-year old. You may already be aware of this blog, but it has some great Bento lunch ideas for pre-schoolers -

  6. Wooo!! I love the pig box. I love pigs! How cute! Also the sun maid raisins, that's one of my favorite snack. Cool! These bento box are very healthy. I'm wanting to have a sun maid raisin. :p I missed the taste. Oh well, you might also like to try a stainless steel tiffin bento box for your pack lunch container. I also love this kind of container for it is a proven high quality container. =)