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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Buddy Update

Buddy is now officially out of the water and shrinking. O was upset when she heard that he would shrink, but I consoled her by telling her that we could grow him again.

When we took Buddy out of the water, he was 10 inches long. He's shrinking by about an inch a day. This is a great introduction to measurement skills!


  1. That's a big turtle! I think this would be a good way to teach my son 7 year old about pets and my three year old about measurements. Thanks for all your information, your blog is inspiring.

  2. I really like this turtle, really nice for learning measuring. Wonder where I could get one of this.

  3. Ahfat- I have an extra octopus. If you'll email your address at, I'll send it to you :)

  4. Thank you Melissa, you are so nice :) I just found these cute little creatures in one of the local toy store, these are choices of ducks and dinosaurs, and my girl actually choose dinosaurs to my surprise. And now, we are growing dinosaurs. :)