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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making Mother's Day Gifts with O

O and I started making Mother's Day gifts for her grandmamas last week. Our 1st handmade gifts were insects made from plaster of paris that she has painted.

We mixed up the plaster of paris and poured it into these insect molds. We also saved Buddy's packaging which was a perfect turtle mold!

After they were dry (the next day), O decided who would get each one and then she painted them. She was adamant that she did NOT want to paint with brushes...ONLY fingers :)

Here are the finished insects! She said she may work on them a little more later :)

I am really excited by how much O has enjoyed painting these plaster of paris insects and animals. I think that a set of these would make a fun birthday gift along with a set of brushes and paints for a couple of friends with summer birthdays. We may also make a bunch of them to have as an art activity/party favor for O's 3rd birthday party in July :)


  1. They turned out great! They would make an excellent party activity. As soon as my powdered tempera arrives, I'm going to try making sidewalk chalk in those molds.

  2. I'm planning to make chalk, too! I just have to find some powdered tempera...

  3. what a great idea to make some for gifts for little ones. I think that B's friends would love to get some of these.