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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chocolate Flowers

I completely forgot that I planned for O and I to make chocolate flowers for her grandmamas for Mother's Day until I bravely ventured into the guest room/junk room/soon to be baby's room this morning. Luckily, the kit was sitting right by the door, and I knew it was something O would enjoy. She was elated with this project! The girl LOVES chocolate!

The flowers were simple to make. We melted the chips in the microwave, and O helped me squish the bag to get them all melted and soft. Then we squeezed the melted chocolate into the candy mold. O put in the stick, and we put them in the refrigerator to set.

Ta-da! O was so excited that she gave my mom her chocolate flower today. As soon as we got out the car, she was calling "Guh-guh, I have a surprise for you!" She's hoping Guh-guh will share the candy with her :) I love the sense of pride and joy I see on her face and in her actions when she gives a gift she has made :)

Phew! That's it! I'm finally finished with Mother's Day posts. I had one more project that failed dismally. I considered giving it another try, but then I realized that we'd made enough, and I was/am tired!

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