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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cleaning Her Kitchen

O has recently shown an interest in dusting. Now she just needs to start dusting the whole house! Then I'll be happy (since I detest dusting) :)


  1. You seem to have an incredible number of toys/supplies for your little one. How do you store them? Do you rotate certain toys? Wooden and well-made toys are expensive; do you find them on sale? Do you have much luck finding them at garage sales?


  2. I have a toy rotation bin so that we don't have too many things out at once, and she really doesn't have that many toys. A few of her toys are from 2nd hand shops (mainly puzzles), but the majority are Christmas and birthday gifts from her grandparents or us. We gave her the kitchen set for her 2nd birthday, and her unit blocks were a gift from her grandparents for her 2nd birthday. I have found wooden food on sale at Target, but I haven't found many toys at garage sales or thrift stores. I really love toys, so it's always a struggle for me to stop myself from buying too much. Compared to her friends, she doesn't really have that many toys, but she really does have more than we have room for since our house is very small.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog yesterday and I have really been enjoying reading, and plan to try many of the great ideas you share. My daughter has this exact same kitchen and loves it!

  4. Too cute--Ben loves cleaning! I made him a little cleaning bucket and he also has his own spray bottle of vinegar/water for cleaning our (glass) front door!

    I've taught him to do the laundry, too. He LOVES it! He puts in the detergent, the vinegar fabric softener and he loads the clothes.

    Just this morning he pointed to the ironing board and asked, "Can we do that?"

    He's going to make a wonderful mate one day! :)

  5. what brand of kitchen is that?
    i've been looking @ the kidcraft wood kitchen, but like the looks of yours as well.