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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Listening & Matching Game- Rhyming Words


O and I had fun playing this rhyming game this week (I bought this game at Wal-Mart last summer). She is really into rhyming lately, and she is constantly coming up with real and nonsense rhyming words for different things she says, so this game was perfect for her. To play the game, you listen to a cd of different words, and you cover up the picture of the rhyming word on your card. O needed help, of course, but it was a great way to practice our rhyming skills while having lots of fun!


  1. We have this one as well as the animal sounds Bingo and my 5 and 3 year old love it. I teach 2 year olds 2 days a week and I play it with them as a group sometimes. They enjoy guessing the animal sounds and finding it on the cards. Pretty inexpensive little game!

  2. Oh my! We have a bunch of the little Wal-Mart games, too! We got them all 1/2 price and a magnetic calender we love, too! I was surprised at the quality/cuteness!!